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  starting your own internet business can be hard. the expenses can add up fast. NOVAWEB INTERNET SERVICES resellers program is perfect solution for the beginning webmaster. with the cost of upwards of hundreds of dollars to rent your own server its cost effective to use our resellers program. for $6.95 per month you get hosting for your own business domain with your own WEB HOST MANAGER where you can add your Clients accounts.  
  it will be your very own internet web hosting. this resellers program is a pay as you go service. We will bill you each month for every account that you setup on our server, thus giving you the ability to charge any price you want for hosting. We will bill you $3.95 per month for each account you set up. then you can bill your client for the hosting service under your business name. You set your price!  
  here are a few examples:  
  Example #1 you can charge $5.95 per month. your cost is $3.95 so you made a $2.00 profit.  
  Example #2 you can charge $7.95 per month. your cost is $3.95 so you made a $4.00 profit.  
  please note: your Business will be billed every month for each account you own. you are responsible for collecting fees from your clients. Its understood that NOVAWEB INTERNET SERVICES will collect the Full amount of owed per account weather your client has paid you or not.  
  You will also be given a Generic DNS Server Alias to use with your hosted sites so your customers do not even have to know about us. This approach will allow you to appear to be the actual server that is hosting them.  
  as a reseller you will support & answer any questions your customers have. We will provide you with background server support if needed.  
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